Social Media with PR

Professional athletes face substantial challenges in successfully and seamlessly building their personal brand. Social media is becoming increasingly important in ensuring that an athlete’s message is accurate and personal. Prime Agency can assist each client with developing a social media presence on every platform:

  • Help to develop social media profiles for clients based on their particular goals and objectives
  • Create professional photos for each client
  • Work with social media platforms to verify clients who qualify
  • Post on social media platforms on clients’ behalf to fulfill endorsement agreement responsibilities
  • Promote news stories related to our clients on our social media platforms and website

Mental Conditioning Services

Coach John Hodson - Mental Skills Coach and Founder of Win the Grind Mental Conditioning

Coach John Hodson

Aside from his duties as a Director of Marketing for KPMG, Coach Hodson has been a long-time baseball instructor at numerous facilities in the NY/NJ area. He is currently on staff at PRIME Sports Agency where his duties include: advising elite H.S. players, co-directing the college recruiting efforts, and leading their mental skills program for amateur and professional players. Coach Hodson is also the Mental Skills coach at Wagner College, a Division I NCAA program located in Staten Island, NY. Coach Hodson has had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of athletes and corporate executives on a variety of mental skills topics all with the goal of optimizing your thinking so you can optimize the results you seek.

While each talk is customized to fit the need of each client, below is a sampling of topics Coach Hodson can deliver:

  • Team building workshops on culture, building vision and mission statements (using designed thinking approaches)
  • Foundations of Mental Conditioning
  • Resiliency
  • Mental Agility
  • Goal Setting
  • Benefits of Change
  • Neutral Thinking (Source: Trevor Moawad)
  • Mindsets (e.g. Growth vs Fixed, Championship Mindsets)
  • Reframing Threats into Opportunities
  • Breathing for Performance
  • Self-talk, Visualization, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Anxiety - Is it Really a Bad Thing?
  • The Value of Routines - Optimize the Process and Stop Chasing Results
  • "Spring Training Perspectives" - Getting Off to Fast Starts
  • Head's Up Perspective - RAMP C Method (Responsibility, Awareness, Mission, Preparation - Compete. Source- HeadsUp Baseball 2.0)
  • Building of Mantras tied to topics to help teams understand/implement strategies for success.

Sports Management

Much of a player’s career is centered around traveling, finding and obtaining housing, and relocating family members to and from unfamiliar surroundings. Prime Agency prides itself on its relationships and partnerships with experienced people in the areas of travel, relocation, brokering & finding homes, shipping vehicles, purchasing vehicles, and moving and lodging.

Marketing & Branding

Making your personal brand impactful doesn't have to be a mystery. With full-service marketing, content creation, social media monitoring and management and established brand partnerships, we'll keep you on trend and your audience engaged. Whether you need cutting-edge graphics, targeted ads or can't-miss content, we've got you covered.

Training and Health

Prime Agency players have access to our world-class facility to train, along with access to sports-specialized doctors and physical therapists to keep you at your best.

Contracts and Negotiations

We handle everything - from pro contracts, arbitration, endorsement deals, product and expense accounts (NB), financial advisors, real estate services, training needs, doctors, and more.

Life After Pro Ball

Your needs don't end when your pro career comes to a close. We're here to keep things running smoothly for you with wealth management services, endorsement management and more.


A Concierge Approach

You don't want to be just another player on an agency's roster, and we promise that you'll never feel that way at Prime Agency. We want to provide you with the services you need, when you need them. Our PRIME focus is YOU.

It's more than just contracts.

When you're choosing an agency, you're probably thinking first about contracts, but there's so much more that goes into professional sports management. We're here to handle everything, so you can focus on playing the game at your best.


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